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Eye Care at Mt. Airy Medical Eye Center

Great vision starts here

Mt. Airy Medical Eye Center provides high quality eye care with advanced technology in a personal, friendly setting. We have been chosen by patients across the Four County Area and throughout Baltimore as the destination for their family's vision and eye health needs. Do you or your child need an eye exam? Are you looking for a stylish new pair of glasses or sunglasses? Is a family member searching for a specialist who can diagnose and manage or treat their eye disorder? We are here for you!

From basic eye care to advanced services like specialty contact lens fitting, myopia management, and dry eye treatment - you will be happy you chose Mt. Airy Medical Eye Center and Dr. Boaz Schwartz, FAAO!

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What Makes Mt. Airy Medical Eye Center Unique?

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Transform Your Vision With Specialty Contacts

Customized lenses are a perfect solution for those who have irregular corneas or simply struggle to wear traditional contact lenses. Learn more about specialty contacts, including scleral, Wave, and hybrid lenses.

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Leading Keratoconus Specialist in the Four-County Area

Keratoconus (keh-rah-toe-cone-us) is a non-inflammatory eye disorder in which the round dome-shaped cornea progressively thins causing a cone-like bulge to develop.

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Vision Care for Myopia Management

Myopia (nearsightedness) is not simply an inconvenience. We can help your child slow myopia progression and radically lower the risk of developing vision-robbing eye diseases later in life.

Our Designer Frames

Mt. Airy Medical Eye Center is a full-service optical center with the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed to help our patients in Mount Airy and the surrounding area look and feel their best. We understand how much first impressions matter. After all, your face is the first thing people see when they look at you.

We’ll ensure that you put your best face forward. Enjoy clear vision and feel fantastic!

Dr. Boaz Schwartz, O.D., FAAO

Meet Our Optometrist

Dr. Boaz Schwartz is a recognized and award-winning optometrist, as well as the Four-County Area’s leading Keratoconus specialist. He is also a caring and compassionate doctor who cares for the eye health and comfort of his patients, adult and child alike, as if they were family. “I believe in getting to know my patients and spending time with each and every one of them – it creates a fun atmosphere and makes the exam process less stressful for them!”

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Meet Our Team

Eye Care Services In Mount Airy

Comprehensive eyecare for the entire family, from age 7 to 100!

We take our time to listen to your story and develop a complete picture of your ocular and medical history. Expect the highest quality service thanks to our unique one-on-one approach.

We not only offer comprehensive eye exams using the most advanced technology- such as retinal imaging-but also provide dry eye treatment, myopia control, and fit you with a variety of specialized contact lenses for ultimate comfort and crisp vision.

Moreover, our wide selection of designer prescription glasses, reading glasses and designer sunglasses will leave you looking as stylish as ever. Our range of designer glasses spans from brand to brand, giving you the ultimate choice when choosing what eyeglasses you wish to go with.

Mt. Airy Medical Eye Center accepts a number of insurance plans to help cover your eye care costs.

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Myopia Management in Mount Airy

Is Your Child Short-Sighted? Myopia control can help manage your child’s risk of eye disease later in life. Myopia significantly increases the risk of developing sight-threatening eye diseases later in life, such as cataracts, glaucoma, retinal detachment and macular degeneration. The higher your child’s myopia, the greater the risk.

Although eyeglasses and standard contact lenses can correct a person’s vision, they do not treat the underlying cause of myopia or slow its progression. This is where myopia management comes in.

If you’re concerned about your child’s long-term eye health and vision, contact Mt. Airy Medical Eye Center's Myopia Control Program today. We can help.

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Reviews from Our Patients

Much improved vision and comfortable fitting

"Thank you Dr. Schwartz with my first time visit with fitting of my great pair of scleral contact lenses with much improved vision and comfortable fitting of contacts for me in so many years of wearing contacts." - John W., 2022 Google review

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