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The Wave Difference

WAVE Contact Lens ThumbnailWave contact lens system is a highly advanced and sophisticated contact lens software platform that is meant for designing and fitting gas permeable contact lenses. Corneal gas permeable contact lenses, orthokeratology gas permeable contact lenses and scleral contact lenses can all be designed by using The Wave Technology. The advantage the wave system has over other designs is the capability to customize every curve and every meridian in the lens. This ultimately leads to a well fitted and entirely COMFORTABLE contact lens. Technologically speaking the Wave contact lenses are topographically-guided.

In order to use the wave system, Dr. Schwartz uses a highly advanced corneal topographer that captures a map of the cornea, the clear surface the contact lens rests on. The map of the cornea is as individualized to the patient just as much as one’s own fingerprints. Using the data from the patient’s corneal map, Dr. Schwartz then utilizes the wave software to customize a perfectly-fitted gas permeable lens. The final product is a gas permeable contact lens that complements the patient’s eye and provides them with amazing optics and comfort.

The wave contact lens system is mainly used for patients with irregular corneal conditions such as keratoconus, post corneal transplantation, a high degree of astigmatism, and post-refractive surgery (Lasik, RK, PRK, etc). The other benefit of the wave contact lens system is the doctor’s ability to control the optics in the lens, which means that multifocal/ bifocal optics can be implemented.

That is wonderful news for keratoconus and other irregular corneal patients that can not only have a great far vision but also for near vision (vision over the age of 40). In short – utilizing the wave system Dr. Schwartz can design and fit contact lenses for any (almost) eye and with any prescription! Patients that had past negative experience with “hard” contact lenses are finding the wave designed contact lenses to be even more comfortable than soft contact lenses!

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