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Dr. Schwartz is the most awesome doctor I have ever met. I am a Keratoconus patient and it is extremely hard for me to get the right prescription. Glasses and regular lenses don't work. Only special-fit lenses can do the job. I had previously been to 5 other doctors, all with mixed results (neither of them prescribed the right prescription) I had also tried multiple kinds of lenses...again none worked. One day a friend of the family recommended Dr. Schwartz and I went to him. He knew exactly what I needed, we went through 2 sessions of custom-fitted lenses and after the 2nd try, I received the lenses that saved me from eye surgery! I finally have 20/20 vision. On top of that, his staff made sure to call my insurance and have them approve the special lenses because of my medical condition with 100% coverage from the insurance company(I guess it depends on your insurance, Dr. Schwartz's staff makes sure contact them on your behalf). I have moved out of Maryland now. I live in California but I am still using Dr. Schwartz as my main Vision Dr. I fly over to the east coast 1-2 times a year to visit family and I go for a checkup at Dr. Schwartz. Also, his staff and he personally call me in order to make sure everything is going ok. If I need anything I call them and they will ship it over.

- Glen T.