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Dr. Schwartz is an amazing doctor! I have been working with him for the past few months perfecting my specialty contact lens prescription and my experience couldn't have been any better! He takes his time to make sure everything is just right! His staff is knowledgeable and very personable too! They are very flexible with appointments and I never have to wait long to be seen by the doctor. I am so happy that I found Dr. Schwartz! Great experience!
6 days ago
- Debra A.
Dr. Schwartz has been caring for my family's vision since we moved to Mount Airy and we couldn't be happier. He takes his time at every appointment to make sure our eyes are healthy and that our contacts are a perfect fit for our eyes. The staff is also very friendly and seems to really care about making sure we are satisfied. We highly recommend this eye doctor's office!
3 weeks ago
- John
Dr. Schwartz and his staff were amazing. Hands down the best eye doctor I've ever been to. Family run, gentle and very helpful. He takes the time to address any concerns you may have.
2 months ago
- Melissa K.
Dr. Schwartz is truly the best in his field! As a previous patient of LASIK, I enjoyed perfect vision until just three years ago when I started developing been the combination of being nearsighted and farsighted. I was looking for a contact lenses to give me my best vision possible and Dr. Schwartz was recommended to me as an expert and scleral lenses . Dr. Schwartz has worked with me patiently to find the best prescription for me so that I can have ideal vision for playing tennis and skiing as well as day-to-day activities like driving and reading . Thank you !
3 months ago
- Dr. W.
Dr. Schwartz is the best eye doctor I’ve ever been to. I’ve never had a more thorough eye exam! I highly recommend him, and his staff is very knowledgeable too!
3 months ago
- Debbie M.
The whole staff here is friendly and helpful. Dr. Schwartz is amazing and has worked to help my eyes for over 10 years. I trust everything he says to my family. He explains what works, and actually does it. My eyes are better off because I go here. Highly recommend!
4 months ago
- Lindsey E.
Dr. Schwartz did an excellent job fitting me with scleral contact lenses. While I have worn these type of lenses in the past, the current fit that I have is by far superior than my previous experience. Basically I cannot tell that I have something on my eyes and he accomplished what I had hoped for. I can see near, far, mid range. I have no difficulty with working on my computer, reading on my phone. In addition, I am a painter, and the multi-focality is amazing. Who knows now that I can see much better in the far distance I may be able to even find those pesky golf balls that go astray.His staff has been very helpful in ensuring that I understand the proper care and treatment for these lenses and retraining me on insertion and removal techniques. Thank you so very much for a job well done!.
6 months ago
- Maria