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Scleral Lenses for Post-LASIK, Post-PRK, and Post-RK surgery

college students studying 1280x480As a whole, LASIK or laser vision correction is generally safe, effective, and a few negative side effects that do occur are usually rear and temporary. However, there is an occasional incidence of post LASIK ectasia.  Post LASIK ectasia is a corneal distortion or irregularity which causes the cornea to weaken and bulge. The likelihood or risks of post LASIK ectasia increase with a thin cornea. In general, most LASIK surgeons today have a greater reporting diagnostics call topographers to map the cornea and measure its thickness as well as save for excimer lasers.

Why may I need scleral lenses after these procedures? Girl Putting in scleral lens mt airy

In the event that a patient post LASIK or Post-RK has ended poorly, scleral lenses are the ideal option to achieve clear and comfortable vision. Through the rigid or hard design of a scleral lens, the cornea’s sensitive surface remains untouched and protected. This allows for enhanced visibility by a scleral lens wearer and helps prevent the cornea irregularity from worsening.

Post-LASIK, Post-PRK, & Post-RK Patients with complications often have poor, distorted vision and no longer can benefit from standard contact lenses and struggle with eyeglasses. Patients with unhealthy corneas will have eyesight that is nearly blind, difficult to see close and far, and possibly cornea scars. Scleral lenses are customized to solve all of these issues and provide clear vision across all spectrums.

Does Collagen Cross-Linking correct Post-LASIK ectasia?

woman suffering eye strain mt airyPatients with corneal ectasia due to LASIK surgery are sometimes recommended to undergo collagen cross-linking. Collagen cross-linking is a new advancement in treating advanced cases of keratoconus and diseased corneas, yet this surgery should not be rushed solely based on a surgeon’s recommendation. Discussing this procedure with a contact lens specialist, even for a second opinion, about your post Lasik ectasia will likely offer more options instead of surgery. Furthermore, in many cases after collagen cross-linking, specialty contact lenses are still necessary.

Should I just get another LASIK surgery to repair my ectasia?

While some LASIK surgeons promote corrective procedures like Wavefront-guided LASIK or custom Contoured Ablation LASIK, these new technologies that claim to repair vision after a “botched” LASIK surgery are not recommended. Any additional eye surgery, especially when lasers are used, will affect your cornea by making it thinner, more unstable, and at greater risk for further complications. Unlike a standard laser vision correction that may need a touch-up over a number of years, any corneal irregularity can lead to permanent damage from any further eye surgery. By consulting with a contact lens specialist, you’ll receive expert, unbiased advice whether your situation can be solved through a safer alternative or whether an additional eye surgery is the best course of action.