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Orthokeratology (CRT & VST)

Orthokeratology, commonly called ortho-k, is a method used to correct myopia (nearsightedness) by wearing rigid gas permeable contact lenses overnight so that no vision correction is needed during daytime hours.

Gas permeable (GP) lenses specialized for ortho-k are inserted at bedtime and worn as you sleep.

Throughout the night, the lenses reshape your cornea gently so that your vision becomes clear on the following morning. The correction is temporary, and ideally, no eyeglasses or contact lenses will be needed on the next day or two. In order to maintain sharp visual acuity on a daily basis, you need to wear the ortho-k reshaping lenses every night.

At present, two brands of ortho-k contact lenses are approved for use by the FDA. Paragon Vision Sciences produces “Corneal Refractive Therapy” (CRT), and Bausch and Lomb manufacture “Vision Shaping Treatment” (VST).

At our contact lens center, we fit all individuals including those with corneal eye diseases, dry eyes, keratoconus and corneal transplants.

Dr. Schwartz is certified to prescribe Paragon CRT, GOV, and WAVE designs. Our careful selection process permits more than 90% of our patients undergoing orthokeratology to leave with their first or second pair of therapeutic lenses.

Wave NightLens OrthoK Design – Approved for Overnight Wear

Wave nightlens vst - Ortho K - Eye doctor Mount AiryWAVE NightLens Contact Lens System by Bausch and Lomb uses the patient’s corneal topography to design custom orthokeratology lenses under Bausch + Lomb Vision Shaping Treatment VST parameters. Multiple micro aspheric curves create a reverse geometry lens design while the lens periphery is made to closely match corneal periphery curvature, providing excellent centration.

Orthokeratology Specialist in Mt AiryWave offers a higher level of OrthoKeratology design. No other ortho k lens offers Wave’s design platform feature set. Every eye is different and every lens should be as well especially ortho k lenses. And they are approved for overnight wear.* The first step is proper centration. Since Wave is utilizing with the entire corneal surface map and not just K readings, our designs tend to be larger. This results in a more comfortable fit with better centration. Next, Wave duplicates (closely but not exactly) the corneal periphery into the periphery of the lens to further enhance centration. The designer has the option of four peripheral/central lens design combinations: spherical/ With Wave’s Custom Settings feature, the designer has the option of saving preferred settings for future design sessions.


contex - Ortho K specialist in MarylandFounded in 1962, Contex® is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Orthokeratology lenses. With their original patented OK®-3 Lens all the way to their latest OK®-EX lens designed in an effort to satisfy the theories for myopia control, Contex never stops its efforts in researching and developing Orthokeratology lens designs. Contex not only invented the 1st reverse geometry lens, but they also introduced Toric Ortho-K and Hyperopic Ortho-K way back in 1996.


GOV Ortho K specialist in Mount AiryGOV® is an innovative company that has designed and patented a wide range of specialty rigid gas permeable lenses, especially for Orthokeratology and Myopia Control. Our Orthokeratology lenses are able to treat a wide range of Refractive errors ranging from Hyperopia to Myopia which includes Presbyopia. The recommended power range of the GOV range of lenses is from +6.00 to -12.00 with a low range of Astigmatism and can be ordered with an addition of up to +2.50 for Presbyopic molding. High Astigmatic molding can be achieved with careful fitting and size control of the lenses.

The new ArtMost® soft and rigid specialty contact lenses are good alternatives for the fitting and rehabilitation of the irregular cornea with a special focus on Keratoconus and Post-LASIK ectasias. The ArtMost® Myopia Control soft contact lens design for daywear, unlike other traditional soft multifocal designs, is a new and innovative range that has been specially designed to “simulate” GOV® Ortho-K on the eye thereby aiding in the control of Progressive Myopia (especially High Myopia group). Adjust any single meridian or combination of meridians, seeing the results in the simulated fluorescein map.

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Candidates for Ortho-K

Ortho-k is very suitable for nearsighted people who are not appropriate candidates for vision correction surgery, such as children. Individuals of all ages with healthy eyes can try ortho-k, namely because it can be discontinued at any point without permanent effects to the eyes.

People who require vision correction and engage regularly in sports or work in extremely dusty, dirty environments will also appreciate the convenience of ortho-k.

Dr. Schwartz is certified to prescribe Paragon CRT and other designs.  Our careful selection process permits more than 90% of our patients undergoing orthokeratology to leave with their first or second pair of therapeutic lenses.

Vision Results from Ortho-k

Success rates for ortho-k are generally higher for more mild vision prescriptions. The ideal goal is to provide 20/20 vision without any need for eyeglasses or contacts during the day.

According to FDA trials conducted on both CRT and VST lenses, more than 65% of ortho-k patients were provided with 20/20 visual acuity. A whopping number of more than 90% of ortho-k patients achieved 20/40 vision or better (this is the legal requirement for driving without vision correction in most states). Consult with your eye doctor to find out if your vision prescription is within range for successful ortho-k treatment.

Note that although improvement in vision is generally reported within a day or two of wearing ortho-k overnight, the full effects may not be experienced until the lenses are worn for a few weeks. During this transition period, your vision will probably not be as crisp as it was with regular contacts or eyeglasses, and glare or halos around lights may be visible. Until ortho-k works fully, a temporary pair of eyeglasses may be required for specific actions, such as driving at night.

How Does Ortho-k Feel?

Although some people have trouble wearing regular gas permeable contact lenses during the day, ortho-k GP lenses are worn while sleeping – so discomfort and awareness of the lenses in your eyes is generally not an issue.

Is Ortho-k expensive?

Professional fitting for ortho-k requires a series of visits to your Mount Airy eye doctor. A number of pairs of contact lenses are also generally needed. GP lenses that are special for ortho-k are more costly than standard contacts. In sum, the fees for ortho-k add up to a higher total than regular contact lenses.

LASIK after Ortho-k

Refractive surgeries, such as LASIK, are possible after treatment with ortho-k lenses. Yet because ortho-k works to reshape your cornea, you are required to stop wearing the lenses for approximately several months before undergoing LASIK. This allows your eyes to return to their original shape.

It’s important to inform your LASIK surgeon if you’ve been wearing ortho-k lenses, and you will be advised as to how long of a wait is necessary before having the laser procedure.